My name is Emilie Ihre. Graphic designer and illustrator. Malmö. Sweden. Redhead. Vivid. Twirly. Goofy. Creative. Friendly. Eh. I'm basically describing Anna from 'Frost' here, but I suppose she is an animated twin sister. Quirky. Optimist. Marabou Daim.
Terrified of clowns. And balloons. And Moomin (the horror!). Now imagine a Moomin clown with ballons, and you have my worst nightmare. Loves reading and singing. Terrible dancer. Gadget nerd. Game lover. Stripes, stripes, stripes. Comfy shoes. Lots of laughter. 
Neil Gaiman. Tim Burton. Makes a mean cheesecake. Enthusiasm. Escape rooms (looove escape rooms). Beauty in the details. Curious (very!). Did I say stripes? Pinterest addict. Design. Art. Imagination. Hearts :)
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