Fandrake is a Swedish publisher that specialises on pop culture books.
Drakborgen was a very popular board game released in 1985. Orvar Säfström and Jimmy Wilhelmsson from the publisher Fandrake, decided that it was time to release a new edition. 
A Kickstarter campaign was launched, which turned out to be the most successful Swedish Kickstarter of all time (yay!). The pledge for the project was 200 000 Kr, but it was backed
with over 3.6 million SEK.
I was asked to do a digital prototype/mockup of the game (based on the original, of course!),
to show the backers and everyone else what a new edition would look like. I did so by making
a 3D model in Adobe Dimension. The images are currently used for all marketing, news media
and retail store purposes.
A book about Drakborgen was also released, and I was asked to do layout and mockup for marketing purposes.
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